Welcome to Manor Wines

We take pride in finding top quality wines for trade, corporate and private customers in East Kent. Our aim is to provide the best traditional values of a local, independent wine merchant with contemporary efficiency at very keen pricing.

Neighbourhood wine merchants

We are based just outside Canterbury, where we have our wine stores and office. We run weekly free deliveries in our own vehicles throughout East Kent. And we’ve sought out the best local producers, not only of wines but other drinks made in the area such as beer, cider and liqueurs – even water.

Less is more

Chain stores and other larger operators have inherent disadvantages when it comes to good wine: interesting, individual wine thats unique to its birthplace tends to be the result of small-scale labour-intensive methods. And it’s very difficult for these large organisations to deal with small producers, none of whom produce enough to be offered in all their outlets. On the other hand this is a perfect situation for the independent merchant, who can forge close links directly with the winemaker and take a real interest in their business, building up a long-term relationship to the benefit of both.

Care in the community

We’re happy to tell people what we think is good wine, or a good match between wine and food, but we’re even happier to help people broaden their wine horizons and discover their own tastes.

We do it our way

When we started we knew we had to keep expenditure down whilst offering a really efficient service. We found we could customise our own software systems to ensure accurate stock-keeping, ordering and billing, in fact to optimise every aspect of the business, and, crucially, to do it in the way we wanted: we believe this enables us to offer a first class service while keeping our costs down.

But what about value?

Well, we may not be large but we work with about 20 other independent merchants, pooling our experience and buying power, to deal with the finest producers and buy wine at the very best prices, and that means we can compete with anyone in the market place.

21st October 2016

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