Wine that costs too little

There is a point where good value becomes just too good to be true.

It pays to know that the fixed costs in a bottle of wine remain pretty much the same for the humblest eastern european plonk to the grandest domaine in Burgundy.

These prices are approximate but are certainly close enough to make the point:

Bottle, cork, label, shipping, storage say £1.50

Duty £2.00 (yes, that’s £2.00, as of the 2013 Budget)

VAT £0.70 (20% on ALL the above … even our tax is taxed!)

This means that before you’ve paid for any wine at all the bill is £4.20 So, if you’ve gone down to the supermarket and paid £4.50 for a bottle of “good value,honest, everyday” wine you’ve actually spent 30p on the liquid you’re going to imbibe – and it’s not surprising if you’re not as happy as you might be.

On the other hand, if you pay about £5.50 you will have paid 3 times more for the wine, and given the winemaker at least a chance of putting something worthwhile into the bottle.

So spend a little more than the bare minimum on a bottle of wine – you (and the winemaker) are worth it. And funnily enough, a little over £5 is the price our wines start at: in our view you can’t have a decent drink for anything less.