Bargains are hard

1189A genuine steal is a rarity in the wine trade, despite what supermarkets would have us believe.

Those ‘half price’ deals are actually almost always wines being sold at their true value – the offer price is what they’re actually worth. They are sold at double price for the requisite period before the ‘price cut’ and then offered at ‘half price’ with all the appearance of a stunning deal. Check out the blog “Devious Dealings” for some more some more insights into the dubious practices of our leading retailers.

Enough of that cynicism, because Chateau Constantin-Chase Pétale de Rosé 2012 is a genuine bargain: a really delicious rosé from the Luberon – essentially a provencal rosé – for £5.95 inc VAT. That, of course, requires a little explanation to be credible: what’s happened is that one of our producers has branched out and bought a new vineyard from which he wants to produce red wine but In the cellars is a quantity of rosé wine. He simply wants to clear the cellar as neatly as possible, and so we have access to a small parcel of wine at a genuine bargain price.

The wine is excellent (we should know, we’ve sampled it enough), absolutely comparable to wine we have to sell at twice the price, and there isn’t much of it. So, for once, grab a real half-price bargain.