BUDGET: Osborne again

Well, it could have been a lot worse … essentially the budget has added 5p to the price of a bottle of wine, and that is the difference that will be applied to Manor Wines’ prices from Monday 24th March.

Sparkling wines will have 6p added, and fortified wines 7p. No change on spirits.

The great news is that the duty escalator was not applied: this would have roughly doubled these increases. Phew.

There is a certain amount of confusion over exactly how much the duty increases are (for instance, HMRCs website says the increase for still wine is 6p a bottle). Our own calculations show the increases amount to a little less and, to give our customers the best deal possible, that is what we have gone with.

It’s worth emphasising that even with the lighter touch of this budget, duty is now £2.05 on a 75cl bottle of still wine. And the VAT on the duty (oh yes) brings that to £2.46 before you’ve even thought of shipping, bottle, label, cork – let alone actual wine!